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    Chris W.
    Having discovered VS at Bleeping computer looking for some help with a Win 10 pro x64 install on an old (Retail combo Set) Abit A-N78HD with matching Abit/nVidia 8800-GTX-384MB which first introduced the Hybrid SLI (Onboard gfx and add-in card in extremely-awkward SLI ) and is a fairly well now a collectible/operational Historically significant bare-bones in gaming history and so desperately was searching for a solution to my high-jacked-and-taken-over soon to be non-functional piece of gaming history and happened upon VoodooShield 5.02 there. Now my reasoning for this post and the lengthy references to hardware that has no real business even still running let alone actually computing and on a Win10 Platform as it was early on blacklisted by MS because of the nVidia chipset, but it would seem that is the way of this bare-bones. It has a non-qualified AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core Black Edition cpu with a last gasp beta-bios Abit released for the MCP78 chipset-wielding gaming board lineup, as their literal corporate-ship was sinking, which sports a cpu-stepping for processors one or two generations back and an impossible hyper-transport link settings that should really not allow it to function hardly, if at all. Yet it runs faster, snappier and with less problems than two of my AMD A8-APU based computers!
    Many of us have these older gaming rigs, some pristine (Thank you, I’ve got wallet-sized if anyone….kidding, sort of!) and some with bailing wire and chewing gum, but all loved just the same. MS and the reluctant army of hardware mfgs/vendors who got dragged along for the tyrannical uprising, simply left! There is no support, no drivers, no documentation and if you’re old-er like me, their are no safe sites to download these rare gems from for FREE any longer. They seemed to have just left one day, also. And here we are, gentlemen and ladies, VoodooShield 5.02 public release, not only installed on my Dino w/ Win10 without a hitch, something many other security software packages/suites would not do, many not at all, but VoodooShield actually stopped the malware enough, or completely, I can’t be sure because I was literally jumping up and down arms flailing wildly and yelling YES! over and over and scared the hell out of my poor Rat Terrier, Chance, who growled at me and then ran for cover! But for sure it interceded and blocked enouhg, or simply wasn’t detected as other signature toting security programs are, to run a whitelist and God Bless Dan, then allow me to run every anti-whatever, trojan-mal-root-spy-jack-worm-virus-autorun program available and the other very-seriously-advised programs from the similarly infected computer of another of Bleeping’s clients and I was able to remove the offending Gen32-Dropper-Variant-RAT infestation which I’m pretty confidant is completely!!!
    Thank you all so very much, I can’t tell you enough!!! I’m writing this today on the very machine in question and it runs smooth and without a single glitch and most importantly, VS is flawlessly operating just as prescribed by default in the free version. This is something many like-minded people are going to want to know and I imagine, like my self are going to breath a long-held sigh of sincere relief and thanks for this excellent and innovative product!
    I’m hoping that this is the right place for this post, as it seems to be, but I just waqnt to let everyone who still lovesw those older machines and gaming on them, too, that VS works, works well and does what it’s supposed to do and you can even get a little creative with it and it still delivers!! So far it’s light on resources, no hangs or glitches, just hangs there with you quietly making sure the bad guys don’t get a foothold at all! Anti-whatever is great when you got a nasty bug or similar in your machine and it helps you to get it out or you hope catcdhes it as it installs – if you’re up to date and if the AV company is up to date. Then there’s zero day and that sort of seems to have been created to circumvent the signature real well, too!
    Doesn’t it just make more sense to not let them them in in the first place??? Makes perfect sense to me. I’m greatful that it’s so retro-friendly, too!
    I’m thinking maybe at the bottom of the posts here, we could briefly share our old PCs specs and so have a nice ‘database of what works and yes, if there’s a dinosaur that it doesn’t work with, or has some issues with, that’s good stuff, too. Helps us and helps VS help us – Win/Win! Hopefully i haven’t stepped over my bounds and asked for something I shouldn’t have here. My apologies to all if I have. Chris W.

    SPECIFICATIONS: Abit A-n78HD w/ nVidia-MCP78 AMD-K10 chipset, AMD QuadCore Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition, Nvidia nForce-730a 8200 Integrated Hybrid SLI GFX, Nvidia/Abit 8800GTS 320MB SE(Comes w/ MB for use in hybrid SLI config), Corsaire XMS TWIN-X 6400 DDR2-800 Ultra Low latency 4-4-4-4-12, nVidia nForce 6CH SATA RAID w/ 2x Seagate 10,000rpm Cheetah SATA II 500GB HDD in RAID-0 & 1TB WD Blue JBOD, Nvidia nForce GB Ethernet, nVidia nForce HDMI digital Audio, nVidia nForce EHCI Enhanced USB 2.0 Dual Controllers 10 Ports, Antec 750Watt PSU-SLI.



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