My configuration of VS Pro.

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    First! Switch to “always on”

    whitelisting setting should be on “aggressive”

    Disable the option to automatically switch to “off” after X-number of minutes.

    Disable the option to allow by parent process (Especially if you use applications that aren’t commonly used or if you use sandboxie)

    Disable the rules

    Enable WLC and set it to auto allow all “safe” rated items full time. Set WLC to scan for unknown items for whatever amount of minutes you prefer. (I do every five minutes)

    Lock the UI by disabling the left click of the icon, to prevent anyone borrowing your computer from allowing something bad.

    Optional: If You’re REALLY paranoid, you may want to disable the option to auto-allow all software in the program files folders. This should only ever be done after some rules in the whitelist snapshot have been allowed to pile up.

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