How secure is Gryphon, really?

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    The simple answer is, it’s the most secure home router in the world, by far.

    On other forums/boards the question has been asked, is it NSA/CIA/FSB/MOSSADOMITES/MSS/MI6 proof? Is it secured against script kiddies and black hats? The simple answer is, yes. While a determined adversary with enough time, effort, talent and funding can shred anything, the Gryphon is extremely hardened. Let’s examine why..

    1) More important logging transitioning outside of the Gryphon is largely non-existent, which is why you need to trigger logging within the app to send to support.

    2) Telnet, SSH, 80, 443 and all other egress into the router, whether locally or non-locally are completely disabled. There isn’t anything to hack.

    3) There is no WEB Admin. The most common vector for attacks is usually webadmin. There isn’t any web admin access so there is nothing to compromise.

    4) No default passwords/credentials. Quite simply, nothing is default. Period.

    5) Physical pairing. Upon deployment you need 4 things. A tablet/phone, the physical router in your hand, and the Gryphon app installed. You then need to create a secure account, login to that account, physically scan the bar code on the router and authenticate it. An attacker wishing to take control would need your actually phone, account credentials, and access to the physical router itself. It’s not going to happen.

    6) Privacy! Web Filtration/DNS is stored locally on the device so the device does a check for each page surfed for malware. Rather than sending your browsing data over the internet.

    7) Features.. Owners of it known, it  has built in features that detect (and block) things like MAC spoofing and such and the router gives you unprecedented control and the capability to completely regulate (and lock down) your network.

    The last thing I would add (and recommend). Get a small clip-on ferrite choke to put on the power supply for the Gryphon and/or an Isolation Transformer for it to plug into. This will defeat some of the most advanced technologies for intrusion in use today.

    As for securing your devices, Gryphon allows you to control at a fairly granular level all of the activity of all of your devices. As such, not only can it control the flow out of your data, but it can also control the flow in by nefarious or nosy actors.

    TLDR; Gryphon is very private and exceedingly secure.

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    reads like slyguy.  only ^^^^ knows for sure.  If I was in the market for a home router, I would get one, fwiw.
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