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    Hi Dan – Thinking about “locking the computer when it is at risk” reminded me of an incident 10 or 15 years ago.

    We were downloading with Soulseek, and had found what appeared to be a really hi-def mp3.  So it eventually arrived, and we went to play it with VLC, when suddenly the browser lit itself up and promptly filled the screen with dozens of porn pages.

    I was able to rapidly gain control by simply hitting the “off” button on the front of the computer (Win98SE) and then was able to feed the mp3 to a text editor: the first instructions were to open a website page…  Our AV had totally missed all of this :@  Fortunately, no other damage seemed to have been done.

    Can VS catch this?  I have never heard of this exploit since that day, so maybe it was never very popular?


    Understanding the scope of the problem is the first step on the path to true panic. [Florence Ambrose, "Freefall"]
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    It’s impossible to say for sure without having a sample, and as everyone knows, I am not a fan of speculation, so I will not even attempt to guess.  Having said that… if it was a persistent threat, the odds are very, very high that VS would have blocked it.
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