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    Tarnak: I have taken a screenshot of part of the C:\ProgramData\VoodooShield\DeveloperLog.log , and as can be seen, it is from before the update to v6.05 beta.





    It looks like something went wrong during the installation.  None of this part of the code has changed in a very long time, so there is probably something else going on here.

    Please try this…

    1.  Exit out of VS and Uninstall VS

    2.  Reboot the computer

    3.  Disable all other security software

    4.  Reinstall VS

    During the uninstall, VS will ask if you want to delete your settings and logs.  It would be best to click Yes, especially if you have had the same settings and whitelists for a long time.


    OK  …I have done a new baseline install as you can see from my screenshot. Will see how it goes over the following days.