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    Hi Dan,

    thanks for the info.

    Since now I looked a bit deeper into the option I got more confused.

    Picture 1:
    In Advanced Settings you can switch between „Show only vulnerable Apps“ and „Show all whitelisted Apps“ but there is no indication what you see now.
    E.g I press „Show only vulnerable Apps“ and got no indicator that I’m seeing the „Show only vulnerable Apps“ while the only label in the bottom left shows „Show all whitelisted Apps“

    Why no big columns/sign to tell my what I’m seeing exactly now on the screen (not what I’m seeing after another button press?


    Picture 2:

    Your manual states:
    Protected Vulnerable Apps are listed with checkboxes and the user can choose which vulnerable applications are protected by VoodooShield from potential exploits spawning malicious payloads

    So I press „Show all whitelisted Apps“ (Scren will indicate in the bottom left as only indicator
    „Show only vulnerable Apps“ and if I understand it right ,Net is not protected?
    It’s boxes are checked on the „whitelist tab“ so it’s whitelisted and no protection applys?

    For me the manual and whats exactly shown on the screen needs more clarity.

    And while I’m at it it still would be nice to know with one look if the checkboxes for In and Outbound are allow or block.
    Why not write „Inbound FW Block Rule“ there’s plenty of space left.

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    • This reply was modified 2 weeks, 2 days ago by Geri123.