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    Hey Guys, here is 6.02 beta.  This will probably be the last version for a while because I am out of ideas for now and it looks like every bug has been fixed.

    This version fixes the issue where every 5 seconds VS has a small cpu utilization spike… the VS cpu utilization should now be close to zero once it fully loads.  Also, for some reason I forgot to have VS save the “Apps that connect to the internet” under the Web Apps tab in settings, but this is fixed now.

    VS 6.02 beta
    SHA-256: 4fd1c18a9d3449217a37649142bb753f63df1dd5d2a0c6c79dd78a956fc49b0c

    So I think we are good to go for now, thanks again for all of your help!

    Have a great weekend!