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    Triple Helix

    Interesting thread ;).  Once upon a time when signatures were relevant, VirusTotal worked pretty well with VS and VoodooAi, but this is simply no longer the case.  Signatures are becoming less and less relevant by the day, which is why AV’s are starting to rely more on ML/Ai, behavior blocking and heuristics.

    I distinctly remember when I came up with the idea for WLC over a year ago.  I was thinking… why is VS even concerned with detecting malicious files anyway?  The old adage “you can’t prove a negative” demonstrates why it makes a lot more sense for VS to be looking for safe files as opposed to looking for malicious files.  I always figured the WLC / VoodooAi / VS integration would work really well, and I have to say, it far exceeded my expectations.


    @Tarnak Also the AV engines on VT are not the full engines of the said AV’s and only a small part is being used.

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