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    Hey guys, here is the latest VS 6.0, I think it is ready for public release.  You will notice that the prompts (especially the VoodooAi and WLC results) will make a heck of a lot more sense now.

    I also added a CommandLineCloud feature.  One of the biggest issues with deny-by-default is handling command lines properly, and often there is not enough file insight to provide the user to give them the best recommendation.  So what CommandLineCloud does is automatically add blocked command lines to our database, and I will review and either approve or deny them, that way the next time a user encounters a command line block, it will be handled automatically and properly.  So in a couple of months, you should see and even further reduction of command line blocks.  Over the years we have figured out how to reduce them pretty well, but this will reduce the blocks much further.

    I really will catch up on everything I missed asap… I am finally at a good stopping point with the code but I have several other things that I need to real quick.

    VS 5.98b beta
    SHA-256: 0810d8ee08d476e93d58e3d5b6fd3108f1a18fff4bf5b6a52dd2187f683fcec7

    Thank you guys for all of your help, please let me know if you find anything!