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    Dan: Yeah, that feature is hidden for now… we can bring it back if everyone wants, but I was just trying to simplify the user prompt as much as possible.  Obviously you can still create rules in VS Settings, but I just kinda figured that not many people used that combobox, and the less confusing the user prompt is to the user, the better.

    Hi Dan

    Thanks for the heads up. Personally I used to use the rules option a lot…but understand where you are coming from. Might there be some way to allow access to the functionality to allow rule building inflight as previously; perhaps an option in settings to enable the option or nopt, with the default set to ‘Off’? 

    If you agree then perhaps you could put that on the wish list for the future. It is no biggie but might be a nice one to introduce at a  lter stage in v6?

    Cheers, Baldrick