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    Tarnak: I have noticed that CPU usage in 5.97a beta keeps fluctuating from low 2% to 17%, i.e. unstable it seems  to me.

    TH was close ;).

    Let me guess… the peak happens exactly every 5 seconds? This is a result of the new feature that auto detects apps that connect to the internet, and I am still optimizing it to capture as many apps as possible while limiting cpu utilization as much as possible. I am shocked that your baseline cpu utilization is 2% and that it peaks at 17%. [COLOR=blue] You must have an older cpu, or must be still running way too many apps[/COLOR] ;).

    Surely, it is not old: “Microsoft Surface Book Core i5 6200u 8GB RAM 256GB SSD …” 🙂  It is a 6th Gen chip. I don’t do any gaming on the laptop.

    Just a little  more info about total CPU time for VS: