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    Basically, the Web and Vulnerable apps are automatically detected during the snapshot and also when a new process is created.  And all I have to do to add new Web and Vulnerable apps is to add the process name to our main database and it will update everything automatically.  It is hard to explain, but I am sure you guys will love it.

    So if you guys have any Web Apps that we need to add, please let me know and I will add them.

    Thank you guys, have a great weekend!


    Hi Dan –

    I have Core FTP LE v2.2 Build 1849 (I’m sure later versions exist!) and KVIrc v4.2.0 “Equilibrium”, both of which I don’t currently use and I’ll probably uninstall when I’ve nothing better to do one day.  However, VS only knows about Core FTP because I lit it up just now to get version details, and it does not know about KVIrc (or at least it’s not — yet — confessing that it does).

    But it occurs to me that maybe these types of internet apps could be on VS’s search list?

    I’m hanging out for v6!!!  Keep up the good work!


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