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    Mr.GumP: What is the process by which an item is eventually whitlisted server side? I have two items after Windows 2004 update that are still flagged. Thanks!






    VT says they are both Kosher…


    Sorry about that… I wrote a little code that will scan all of the files on a computer and whitelist them in WLC.  So basically, I do a clean install of each Windows version and whitelist all of the files in WLC.  I might be able to do that this weekend.

    Also, this is pretty important, I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on something…

    In WhitelistCloud, does it make more sense to call Not Safe files Unknown instead?  We can’t call them Unsafe, because they are not necessarily Unsafe… we just are not able to prove that they are Safe.  So I think what is most correct is to call them either Not Safe or Unknown.  But if we call them Unknown, the user might think that WLC is not actually analyzing the file (basically that WLC is not working).

    So I was VERY curious what everyone thought what term we should use for files that are not determined to be Safe.  Also, if you guys can think of a better term, please let me know.

    Also, we should have another beta in the next couple of days.  There were MASSIVE changes with the Web and Vulnerable apps, and it turned out amazing.  Basically, the Web and Vulnerable apps are automatically detected during the snapshot and also when a new process is created.  And all I have to do to add new Web and Vulnerable apps is to add the process name to our main database and it will update everything automatically.  It is hard to explain, but I am sure you guys will love it.

    So if you guys have any Web Apps that we need to add, please let me know and I will add them.

    Thank you guys, have a great weekend!