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    Hey Guys, here is the first version of what will eventually be VS 6.0.  There were massive changes and optimizations under the hood in preparation for converting all of the code to C#, so there might be a small bug or two, if so please let me know.  But overall it should be in great shape.  The Mini Prompt and User Prompt are both movable now, the only thing that is not movable are the notifications, and since they are quite uncommon, we might want to keep them where they are, but we can go either way on this.  The user prompt is movable by the title of the window, and the mini prompt has a move icon, since it does not have a title.  Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions on how this is implemented, it will be super easy to change, but I think you guys will really like how it is already.  Thank you guys!

    VS 5.90 beta
    SHA-256: 74fa69681eadb2a04b13213f514cbf66953b9d7966335e8990352a6b1da33291