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    Baldrick: Hi Dan


    Hope that you are keeping well, & safe?

    Quick question if I may? When one checks the ‘Report False Positive’ option (bottom left of the pop up notification in some conditions) what exactly happens? The reason I ask that I have been religiously checking the option for one particular pop up but no matter how many time I do the pop up returns periodically, almost as if VS has forgotten I reported an FP.

    Any thoughts? IS this how the option is supposed to work?

    Cheers, Baldrick

    Hey Baldrick,

    The report false positive will actually report the false positive to our database so that we have the ability to change the result in our database for the next user who encounters that file.  The thing is, I never really got around to finalizing the relationships between the blacklist scan, VoodooAi and WLC, but I hope to be able to do that soon.  Once we finalize this then we will enable the Report False Positive feature.  I hope that makes sense, if not please let me know.

    Can you please email me a screenshot of the block that keeps reappearing, and maybe your DeveloperLog.log as well?

    Thank you!