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    Alexhousek: Dan, I installed a licensed VS on my wife’s laptop a while ago.  She’s been using it just fine.


    Well, she bought a new laptop and “donated” her old one to me.  Of course, she is the “owner” and she is the “user”.  So, I wanted to create a new login for me; which I was going to make an administrator account.  After making a new user account, I logged in under that new account.  VS gave an error message that it couldn’t connect to the server and shutdown.

    So, I logged out as the new user (me) and logged her back in.  And, upon logging her back in, I received the same VS error.  It said something about not being able to connect to the server and said that I needed to reboot to connect to the server.

    BTW–I haven’t rebooted yet.

    I hope the above makes sense.

    Can you please let me know the exact error?  Is the internet working okay on that computer?  I might need to update your account or something.