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    GrDukeMalden: I did a clean install of 5.75 just to be safe.


    I still have that issue where it can’t connect to the internet sometimes. My VPN has a killswitch so when it first starts connecting.

    Sometimes manually starting a WLC scan will fix this problem. Any time that doesn’t work, making my VPN disconnect with the killswitch doing its thing and then reconnecting fixes this problem.

    One way to fix this would be to make VS’s reconnect attempt frequency more often. any time it can’t connect when an alert shows, it should try to connect again while the countdown is happening

    Yeah, VPN’s are great and all, but they certainly add a lot of opportunity for errors.

    There are currently 5 retries, and each has a 3 second timeout.  Please let me know if you have an idea of how we should adjust this to see if we can fix your VPN issue.  We might actually want to adjust the timeout to 5 or so and test.  Maybe the connection is timing out before the next retry?