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    GrDukeMalden: Okay, I simply cannot quote another post when I reply in this thread. I tried three times, fiddling with my extensions.

    Ummmm.  I’d like to blame your browser, but I don’t know what you use.  I assume it would be IE/Edge given you have Sandboxie, but…

    Do you always browse in a sandbox?  It is possible the scripting for the quote feature may get lost trying to negotiate that obstacle.

    My system has no sandbox…  Actually, Oracle Java has an automatic sandbox, it says, but I never know if it’s in use or not.  I thought my Win 7 had a sandbox, but apparently M$ didn’t hand those out until W8.

    This is being posted through K-Meleon browser, now a Goanna fork from Pale Moon, but still using Windows APIs for the shell.  I have no extensions at the moment, and things like adblock etc will probably have no place in my system.

    Dare I assume you also use Win 10?  That seems to have a number of performance oddities 🙁


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