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    gorblimey: Ummm.  I had a read of Rubenking’s review, and I’m a bit puzzled.  Rubenking writes:


    <h2>Playing in the Sandbox</h2>
    VoodooShield includes a local sandbox mode, designed to …

    Er… Where is this sandbox? I have v5.60, and this says nothing about it.

    OTOH, Win7 also says it has a built-in sandbox which is automatically invoked if 7 feels like it.

    Apart from that, I did feel Rubenking posted a far less prejudiced review than I would have expected.

    (FWIW, my personal view is that a “traditional/standalone antivirus” is not needed if you have VS, especially if you have a good firewall set to default deny outbound–something Rubenking seems to have forgotten.)

    The local sandbox button is only displayed with the blocked item is not an installer.  Basically, we do not want an installer to run sandboxed, make changes to the system, then be terminated and not be able to undo the changes.

    Yeah, Neil tries to be as fair as possible, but of course not everyone is going to agree with everything a review says.  But I agree that it was a fair and honest review.