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    Ummm.  I had a read of Rubenking’s review, and I’m a bit puzzled.  Rubenking writes:

    <h2>Playing in the Sandbox</h2>
    VoodooShield includes a local sandbox mode, designed to …

    Er… Where is this sandbox? I have v5.60, and this says nothing about it.

    OTOH, Win7 also says it has a built-in sandbox which is automatically invoked if 7 feels like it.

    Apart from that, I did feel Rubenking posted a far less prejudiced review than I would have expected.

    (FWIW, my personal view is that a “traditional/standalone antivirus” is not needed if you have VS, especially if you have a good firewall set to default deny outbound–something Rubenking seems to have forgotten.)


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