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    Great to see you at MT, but I didn’t get to say hi over there as I was not logged in.

    So where now is the primary or best location to follow the development, here or MT?  I see many good comments and happiness at MT due to your return.  I was somewhat confused by BLon too, at first he seemed hostile but then seemed to do a 180.  Maybe I don’t push my pc hard enough but I rarely get a popup alert from VS / WLC (or a false+ and when I do it is usually understandable).  On the win7 host, I leave VS always on, and on win10_vm smart mode aggressive.  I have a strong upstream protection, a cisco commercial router and switch, with their threat protection, slows my 400 mbps down to 250, unless I shell out more cash this year as my 3-year licence will be expiring. I guess I get annoyed by the geeks at MT who think “whatever” sucks because it ain’t free.  For what VS offers for $30/yr is a major benefit and cost effective.