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    As everyone already knows, I always welcome every suggestion to make VS better (this is how we got to where we are today), so I am excited to see what you recommend!

    Not to diminish your street cred or anything, but please google a little more about deny-by-default tech… it will save everyone a lot of time.

    Also, please explain your comment “I tested the VoodooShield recently. It is a great software, but doesn’t achieve anything that the user, just by implementing couple of practices can do without using any programs whatsoever.”

    I am truly baffled by that comment.  You either know how to do things with a computer that I do not know how to do, or you are completely missing tons of key components and mechanisms in VS.

    But I do completely agree when you say “Dan Butler has come up with a perfect, smart and neat concept, but the way he has executed this concept is mediocre.”  And to this I say, thank you, and I welcome your suggestions on how we can improve VS!