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    I do agree pretty much 100% with Neil’s review… no software is perfect.  The fact is that no one has been reviewing security products longer than Neil, and no one has seen more security products than Neil.  He started writing for PCMag when I was in high school, and I used to read the articles.  He actually digs into the product and uses it for several days so that he completely understands how the product works and what it is capable of.  Which I assume is why VS has made the top 10 Antivirus list several times.  Think about all of the companies that did not make the top 10 list.  Not too shabby for a guy and his dog from Kansas.  In other words, 4 stars is actually pretty good for a PCMag review.

    BTW, I did not request the review… he had emailed me several months ago to do an updated review when we were in the middle of VS 5.0-5.5, so I asked him for some more time.  This time he emailed me and told me he had already started to review the free version, and would only postpone the review if I really wanted him to.  Since VS is always a work in progress, I figured… well, why not?

    Some people understand what VS is all about and some do not.

    Everyone will know in a few months.