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    GrDukeMalden: Can’t get the latest firefox Nightly to install. I made sure it was the legit firefox nightly, but I feel like it would be best to have an expert look at the file submissions.


    Firefox nightly’s installer runs just fine, but there’s a command line that VS blocks afterward.

    Thank you guys for letting me know that VS is running great!

    @GrDukeMalden, are you running 5.64?  It included a rather major command line fix.  I just installed the FF Nightly and it worked flawlessly on 5.64.  The major command line fix was a result of a dev and his team were having an issue with msbuild.exe and VS.  Basically, whenever they would build a project, since the hash of the file changed (new code / hash / build), VS would block an item.  Well, it makes sense because I would be worried if VS did not block a child process or command line of a vulnerable parent process like msbuild.exe, especially when these files are typically in favorite malware hiding locations.  Basically, this was one of the most difficult fixes I have ever encountered, but I am extremely happy with how it turned out.

    But if anyone runs into an issue like this, just let me know and we will figure out a fix.  Typically, a somewhat major fix like this will fix other similar issues as well.  This is how VS has become so highly refined over the years.  Sure, it takes time, hard work and patients, but it is most certainly worth it.  And thankfully since we built our own custom tech, we are able to offer granular refinements like this that we would not be able to safely do otherwise.  For example, if we were using some other tech like SRP, I guess you would just be SOL if you wanted to auto allow randomly named files that change hashes and are located in dangerous folders, and are spawned by a vulnerable process ;).




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