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    Very cool, thank you guys for letting me know!  I am just finishing up 5.64 that should include everything you guys have mentioned, along with a couple of bug fixes that I received through email.

    I am working with Mr.Gump to make sure his issue is solved, and once it is I will post 5.64, which should be good to go for public release.

    Now that 5.0 is pretty much finished, there are some business related things that I need to focus on, but I will still check in everyday.

    In a few weeks or so we can start figuring out what other new features or optimizations we should consider.  Obviously we do not want to bloat VS with unnecessary or useless features, but if there is something cool you guys think we should add then I am all ears ;).

    Alex is going to refine the Web Management Console and WLC integration for SMB and enterprise, so that should be really cool.

    Thank you guys, talk to you soon!