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    Very interesting on the first issue, thank you for letting me know. When you say “When left clicking is locked” are you referring to the option “Require admin approval before letting the user allow new…”?  I just disabled this option and it worked as expected.  Do you have any other VS options that are not in their default settings, or anything else special about the test conditions?  Once we can reproduce this bug it will be a super easy fix… I already have an idea what might be causing it.

    About the second issue, this is by design, but is implemented in a safe way.  We have had several complaints from admins that VS blocks cmd, regedit, and others (I would have to look it up).  Basically, if the user initiates one of these vulnerable items, then it is auto allowed.  I completely agree with the admins… for example, it always drives me crazy when UAC blocks regedit… every single time ;).