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    Yeah, I think I know what video you are referring to, and in all fairness, Leo did say “Now I like this approach a little bit better.”  Having said that, Leo is quite young and changes his mind quite often as he gains experience.

    In the end, the only thing that matters is the product.  Some people say that VS is not well suited for computer novices, not realizing that VS has a 6 digit user base and is growing.  Rapidly.  Almost every single day I see users who admit that they are completely computer illiterate (like they do not even know how to copy and paste), but yet they have zero issues with VS.

    Imagine this for a moment.  When we first released VS, it was rough around the edges, was extremely feature limited and was in serious need of polishing.  In spite of this, most or all of our small group of users understood my vision of a user-friendly toggling computer lock, and further understood that it had the potential to change the industry.

    Now imagine if these same users would have initially experienced VS in its current form, all polished and ready for market.  This is exactly what security people new to VS initially experience.  They are “floored”, “blown away”, “amazed”, etc. when they first experience VS.

    Once you understand this, you will understand why VS is growing so fast.

    BTW, I encourage people to try all of the deny-by-default products and see which one they like best and fits their needs.  It is much more important to me that they are adequately protected (so that the bad guys lose), then to worry about losing 1 or 2 VS users every couple of weeks, especially when we are adding 500x + that in new users.  Some deny-by-default enthusiasts prefer to lock the computer fulltime, some people prefer a toggling computer lock with a tiny, customized whitelist.  As I have said before, I actually use a competitor’s product on 2 of our machines because it fits the use case.  I could just as easily use VS, but the other reason I did so is because they borrowed my anti-exploit mechanism, so I thought it would be funny to make it a fair trade ;).

    It is probably wise to only run one deny-by-default product at a time, and combo it with Windows Defender or some other AV, unless you do the kind of configuring you guys have been talking about, then it is super cool.