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    @simmerskool may or may not remember me from wilders security when I’ve shared the way I configure comodo firewall. It’s very similar to CruelSister1’s way of configuring it. Except my way blocks ALL unknown and ALL known malware instead of sandboxing it. My way of configuring comodo firewall has evolved a little, since there’s a few new features in it now.

    Proactive security,

    General settings: User interface: turn off welcome screen, turn off notifications about tasks being sent to the background turn off the upgrade button and enable password protection. Keep the widget but get rid of all of the “Pane” things. It confirms that comodo is actually running, sometimes the tray icon can be a little finicky

    Firrewall: Firewall settings: Turn on “do not show popup alerts” and select “block requests”. Turn on “filter IPv6 traffic” turn on “do protocol analysis”

    Firewall: Network Zones: Turn on “do not show popup alerts” and select “public”

    HIPS: HIPS Settings: Turn on “do not show popup alerts” and select “block requests”.

    Containment: Containment Settings: Turn off “do not virtualize access to” options, turn off “enable automatic startup for services installed in the container” Turn on “do not show privilege elevation requests” Select “block” Don’t allow virtualized access to the clipboard Protect the virtual desktop with a password. The virtual desktop can now be used to protect your PC from a friend that wants to use it now.

    Containment: Auto-Containment: Change the setting currently set to “run virtualized” to “block”

    File Rating: File Rating settings: Enable “do not show popup alerts.

    Advanced Protection: VirusScope: Enable “do not show popup alerts” and make sure “monitor only the applications in the container is OFF

    (Optional)Advanced Protection: Device Control: Make sure it’s enabled, log detected devices should be turned on, enable “show notifications when devices are being disabled or enabled” Add all existing devices to the exclusions, and block every category of devices that can be blocked. This will keep anyone from being able to spread their crap from their own devices into your PC. Allow only your own devices whenever you get a new one.

    Advanced Protection: Miscellaneous: Turn off “do not automatically clean up suspicious certificates And maybe turn off “show alerts in case any other software attempts to modify current settings of installed browsers


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