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    Yep, I agree!  I mean really, this is not rocket science, it is common sense.  We will never solve the malware crisis as long as new arbitrary executable code is allowed to automatically execute.  Everyone knows this but they are just hoping for the silver bullet that is going to fix everything.  The most recent silver bullet was the whole ML/Ai promise which I watched it on 60 minutes… it was going to solve the malware crisis.  The funny thing is, after watching that episode of 60 minutes, I believed for about 10 minutes that they might have actually cracked the code and all of our problems would disappear overnight.  Ten minutes later I came to my senses and realized our work is not over.

    Please do not get me wrong, ML/Ai certainly has an important role to play in cybersecurity, assuming it is applied correctly and in reasonable doses.  It is slightly more accurate and effective than traditional signatures, but it certainly is not going to change anything in a meaningful way.

    We need to focus on dynamic levels of protection, combined with file reputation and ML/Ai, which is what the whole WLC / VS implementation is all about.