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    I completely agree that nothing is infallible and there are some amazing combos that people come up with.  I do think it is important to be sure that they do not conflict with each other, which is usually pretty obvious and uncommon.  But yeah, if 2 or more layers of protection work well together and the user is happy with the setup, then by all means that is better than the alternative of not being adequately protected.

    Not to pick on any specific security forum or youtuber, but if someone had a genuine interest in helping to protect people from becoming infected, the absolute last thing they should ever do is to persuade them to significantly reduce their security posture.  That is not unlike a doctor handing you a 12 pack, a carton of cigarettes and plane tickets to Vegas.  Most users are indifferent enough to cybersecurity, and the last thing we need is for the community leaders to encourage them to let their guard down even further… especially when they happen to LOVE the software they are running.

    But as they say, everyone has an agenda, and everyone has a price.