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    Cool, thank you Dave and Sherry!  I hope everyone is doing well too ;).  I just kinda needed a break, then the Chiefs won the super bowl and a bunch of other really cool stuff has been happening with VS on the business end, so I had good week or so break from the computer.

    It sounds like in both of these cases that VS is cleaning up whitelisted items that it should not be removing.  Can you guys please send me your logs and we will see what we can find?  Off the top of my head, I am guessing that Steam denies access to the files, so then VS thinks the file has been deleted, so it removes it from the whitelist.  I will look through that part of the code tonight and tomorrow and see how we might be able to tweak it.  It is probably better for VS to not be overly aggressive when cleaning up old whitelisted items.  Thank you guys, talk to you soon!