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    I’m of the mindset that nothing is infallible. So if one whitelisting application like VS works great, adding on another whitelisting application like SecureAPlus and/or comodo firewall (Or just add comodo I.S.) would make that setup even better.

    After all, comodo was revealed in…certain leaks that I won’t specifically name here…as a “colossal pain in the ass” by…an agency…that was trying to subvert its protection on a windows computer.

    But you may or may not have heard of the DoubleAgent ransomware that hijacks your antivirus through a DLL injection into its processes, comodo was on that list of products that were vulnerable to it. (it was done through the application verifier)

    So having voodooshield along with comodo makes for a damn near perfect setup. Especially now that VS can block any unknown DLLs from loading into memory, no matter what process tries to inject them.

    After some proof reading, I’m sorry for the rambling.

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