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    I was talking more about which antivirus products, besides VS, aren’t being misleading when their product says it’s protecting them. As far as I’ve seen, only other whitelisting applications are telling the truth with their equivalent of the green checkmark.

    But I do get what you’re saying.

    Microsoft SE back during the windows 7 and windows XP days was awful. It got a really crappy detection rate on top of sometimes being unable to handle some of the things it would catch. But it kept showing the green checkmark all the while a piece of ransomware would be running on the system.

    Norton was and still is the same way. I have elderly friends that use it and their computer tech says it’s “the best one” but in the next breath with admit he doesn’t know specifics about how software functions. I’ve had him work on my PC a few times whenever I have a hardware issue and he’s good about that at least.

    Back to my point about Norton. It consistently gets the lowest detection rate out of all of the top selling products. Even comodo’s antivirus gets a better detection rate and comodo is notorious for having a bad detection rate with the antivirus (don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, comodo works great, their virus database is bad though.) Any time I’m doing someone’s backup with a norton product it only tells me AFTER I’ve finished the backup that “you haven’t performed a backup recently”


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