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    We have understood from the very beginning how dangerous it is to allow by digital signature alone, which is why VS does not do so.  We have some creative, safe methods we have developed over the years that reduces unnecessary blocks while remaining perfectly safe.

    Everyone knows how conservative I am when it comes to security and we simply do not take chances.  When a company or product assures a user that their device is protected, the user automatically assumes this means 100% protection, which I discovered 20+ years ago while removing malware for local customers.  In other words, the user installed a filter when they thought they installed a lock.

    Having said that, while no security product can guarantee 100% efficacy, it is inexcusable that new, unknown arbitrary code would ever be allowed to execute when the endpoint is at risk.  If this simple rule is not followed, there certainly will be bypasses and infections.

    Just run VS in its default settings in Smart or Always On mode and you will be just fine.  There are obviously tweaks within VS that allows the user to reduce its security posture, and this is typically safe as long as you are running an effective AV along side VS as well.

    A lot of people are switching over to the Windows Defender / VS combo.  It is what I am running now… it is unbelievably light and simply amazing.  VS perfectly covers the weak spots of Windows Defender and vice versa.  Perfect combo.