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    Thanks Dan for checking this.

    I have had another look at this program and installed it from Safe Mode and still it failed as before, so will go back to the developers to check this. It is the same file.

    The program does not install correctly but can be run from Explorer.

    The Whitelist did eventually clear but took a couple of days. I still have Sandboxie being challenged. VS does not seem to   remember it.

    I will now try 5.61


    1. Other minor optimizations.

    @djg05, I tested the software you were having an issue with but was unable to reproduce the bug.  Just to make sure we are working with the same file, is it named “install_home_accountz_v3_win_64bit.exe”?  If you continue to have issues with 5.61beta, please email me your Developer Logs and whitelist.db.