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    Hey Guys, here is the latest beta, and here are some of the things that were fixed, along with several optimizations.

    1. The VoodooAi API is working again
    2. WLC is using the new super-fast server with a 500 MB upload limit. I will be increasing the 500 MB upload limit on the actual website soon.
    3. The Wise Disk cleaner / no hash bug that caused the infinite scan is fixed. There still might be an issue or two that causes an infinite scan in the future, but we are getting close to fixing all of the no hash issues.  If you do experience the infinite scan, please email me your Developer Logs and whitelist.db
    4. The WLC dll’s are filtered now.  WLC and ML/Ai is not all that accurate with dll’s, so for the time being they are not going to be a part of the WLC list.  I have some ideas on how to increase the accuracy that I will be working on soon.  Besides, what really matters is that the executable or command line is blocked.
    5. Other minor optimizations.

    , I tested the software you were having an issue with but was unable to reproduce the bug.  Just to make sure we are working with the same file, is it named “install_home_accountz_v3_win_64bit.exe”?  If you continue to have issues with 5.61beta, please email me your Developer Logs and whitelist.db.

    VS 5.61 beta
    SHA-256: d8bf406a6ff060a38e727eee3540d07b26dd08851780cd54b460eaf644b053fa

    Thank you guys, talk to you soon!