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    “Thank you David and Geri… I have isolated Geri’s issue, it is an easy fix.  David, can you send me a link the app you are downloading, or tell me how to download it?”


    Hi Dan

    Here is the d/l link. You do not have to pay anything.

    This is the reply I received from the developers which I hope helps.

    “Dear David,
    This error relates to a 3rd party program interfering with Home Accountz. Most often it’s anti-virus software or a firewall on your computer which is stopping Home Accountz from ‘talking’ to our server.

    Please ensure your anti-virus/firewall software is not scanning the Home Accountz.exe and the AccountzData folder (which stores your file). This is because the file is a live database and every transaction you make will then be flagged as a change that needs scanning to check it’safe”