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    Telos: Installed v5.6 w/WLC. It mislabeled a few as not safe. I changed those.


    One of the ones I marked as “safe” (sharex.exe) continued to behave badly (I couldn’t not upload images to web storage).

    Opening my firewall rules I saw that WLC blocks were still in place for sharex.exe (and another app) which I had marked “safe”.

    IMO, users should not need to edit firewall rules outside of WLC safe/not safe designations.

    PS: How do I login here without the woman in the high-necked blouse and fake smile staring at me? [EDIT: Adblock to the rescue; all good now]

    PSS: what is the letter “P” doing in the box below this post?

    I agree… we need to work on refining WLC a little more so that it manages the firewall rules on its own.  It is close, but it may not quite be there yet, so we can keep an eye on it.  The old entries might have been from an previous install of VS / WLC… maybe ;).