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    Hey Guys,

    There might be some minor things we need to tweak and refine over the next month or so (WLC dups, red tray icon timing, etc.), but I believe this version is now stable. The main issue that some users experienced turned out to be a simple timeout between the gui and the service, and in hindsight it makes perfect sense because VS 5.5 will take a few more seconds during the initial run, but will quicker on subsequent runs.  And it explains why only a small handful of people experienced this issue.

    The only remaining bug that I am not sure is fixed is the one where non English users have issues with VoodooShield Settings and registering, but I think this is fixed now. If not, please send me your DeveloperLog.log.

    If you were having any issues, then I would do a clean install, otherwise you can install over the top.

    VS 5.59
    SHA-256: d20627b2447fd9c0b47e15a7ea678aad57460a7ca3559fc0e1a86dee16ec03a2

    Thanks again for all of your help, I really appreciate it, have a great weekend!