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    Win 10 pro
    VS 5.57.

    Hi Dan – this is an update to your previous reply.

    I was having problems with the K beta and was unable to uninstall other than going to Win Safe Mode.

    Now have done a clean install of 5.57 about 5 days ago. Initially had a long list of items being scanned in WLC. After about 2 to 3 days this reduced to 11 marked analyzing and 5 marked not safe and it has stayed like this to date.

    Clicking on a “Not Safe” item and whitelisting it, it then shows “Working” and remains like that until the window is closed.

    Occasionally when clicking on WLC the GUI will freeze for some short period and continue behaving like this until the m/c is rebooted.

    VS continually flags up parts of Sandboxie. Does not seem to remember. There are others as well.

    Hope this helps