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    Hey Guys, I will be back a little later, but real quick about the VPN message box… there is a 3 second timeout, so it could also be that it takes a little longer to receive the response from the web server if going through a VPN.  So basically, this is a test to see if a 3 second timeout is sufficient, or to see if we need to increase the timeout a little.  We could make it much longer, like say 30 seconds, but then it would appear to the user that VS is “dragging” or “running slow”.  So the whole goal is to find the best timeout value and to get everything to work as well as we can with the various VPN’s.  Maybe for the next version we can increase the timeout to 5 seconds or so… we can talk about it and see… but I just wanted to give you guys an idea of why you see the message box sometimes but not other times.  Thank you, talk to you guys soon!