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    Hey Guys, I’m running late so this will be a quick one ;).

    Here is a version that hopefully fixes a very odd bug where there is a forward slash in the process path, so VS cannot calculate the hash.  Also, I also added a temporary message box that will prompt the user if a third party firewall or VPN is blocking the connection to the WhitelistCloud servers… which could cause issues (so I added some extra error handling as well).

    You should be able to install over the top, but if you were having any issues at all, please either do a clean install or reset your whitelist!  If for some odd reason 5.55 worked well, but 5.56 beta does not, please use 5.55 for now… but this is highly unlikely.

    VS 5.56 beta
    SHA-256: 7aba5acd48efb2c9343fe5b3c3c43314f3855f623e6969d7d6a617a8766c16c0

    Thank you guys!