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    Jasper The Rasper: I updated to the latest build last night, no problems at all until I installed an app from the BBCiplayer which enables me to download the occasional program, it is now caught in a loop analylizing those exe’s.

    Dan, I have the same problem with the K beta. Ever since beta G I have a whole load of programs being permanently analyzed. Seems to be stuck in a loop.

    I tried to do a clean install of K but it will not allow me to shut down VS in the install process.

    Hope you had a good Christmas.

    I am guessing that the old service is running with the new gui… so you might try the following.

    1.  Restart the computer

    2.  Uninstall VS and make sure to click Yes when it asks if you want to delete the settings and logs

    3.  Restart the computer again

    4.  Install VS 5.54K

    If that does not work, please send me your DeveloperLog.log, DeveloperServiceLog.log and the whitelist.db.

    Thank you, I hope everyone had a great Christmas too!