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    Hey guys, good news… we have found a way to reproduce the red icon bug. I am unable to reproduce it on my system so far, but a couple of you guys have been able to. Basically, to reproduce the bug, you can run PrivaZer, and some setting in PrivaZer will call c:\windows\sysnative\cleanmgr.exe, and at that point VS was unable to calculate the process hash, so it threw an exception.

    So long story short… if anyone is running PrivaZer, please test and try to make it call c:\windows\sysnative\cleanmgr.exe (Windows Disk Cleanup) and see if the following version works as expected. If you are not running PrivaZer you can install the latest version below if you want… it has a few more enhancements.

    As usual, you can try to install over the top, but if you were having ANY issues before, I would do a clean install.

    Anyway, once we figure this issue out, I think we will be good to go!

    VS 5.54K beta
    SHA-256: b8c87fae09ebc75ea96c65fa6537643b6e2dad43f41df206ed127edc7a976051

    Thank you guys!