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    Hi Dan

    Glad to hear that you HAVE to tear yourself away from your computer…about time too. ;0)

    Have clean installed 5.54i…given that Simmers has tried the ‘over the top’ install. No issues whatsoever with the install, as per usual.

    Initial WLC scan from clean was 12.6 seconds…which in my book is pretty good. The following scan took 5.24 seconds. And the first scan, post the install of a new application took 5.97 seconds.

    So clearly not as fast as previously…but still pretty speedy…and it may be due to my system which is quite old, etc.

    Will keep checking and will let you know if and when anything changes…either way.

    EDIT: the scans now seem to have increased marginally in time and settled at between 6 – 7.5 seconds; somewhat more than the 1 – 2 seconds that you suggested…but as I said before…could be down to my system rather than anything with VS. WOuld you like me to send you any logs or the like?

    Do have a restful weekend.

    Respect, Baldrick



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