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    Yeah, I will probably do so once VS 5.50 is ready, but right now I cannot even keep up with the people who know about VF ;).  Then again, once VS is completely ready, there will probably not be all that much to talk about ;).

    It’s funny that you mention this… a mod from another security forum who used to mess with me constantly and delete a lot of my posts (he is a big fan of a competitor), recently posted a question and asked why I have not put a link on our website to VF.  Obviously, he was wanting me to post a link, thinking that all of the public debugging of VS 5.50 does not shine a good light on VS.

    That is exactly what happens when people let their own biases influence their thought process.  VS supporters look at the public debugging and think “wow, these new amazing features were implemented and debugged in just a few weeks because of all of the people who helped Dan debug VS.”

    Whereas the VS haters look at the exact same posts and think “Boy, this does not look good for VS… everyone will think it is buggy.”  Not realizing that whenever something sophisticated and ambitious is being built there are going to be issues, and you just have to suck it up and work through the issues.

    This is not a dress rehearsal.  Real people and companies are being directly affected by malware on a daily basis, and a simple deny-by-default product with zero consideration for the user experience is not going to cut it.

    So thank you guys for struggling through this with me, I think we are close ;).  And when we are finished, I will post a link on our main site ;).