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    Hey guys, I really will try to catch up on the posts I missed at some point, but right now I need to get away from the computer ;).  I spent all day fixing a bug that was quite difficult to fix, but it is fixed now ;).  There are a couple of somewhat significant changes in this version, but they should not cause any issues, but if they do please let me know… if anything VS should run even better.

    The snapshot scan will be slightly slower, but it is still super fast.  Mine is usually around 1-2 seconds on my two main machines.

    The WLC analysis machines are holding steady, so I think they are bug free and good to go as well.  There was another malware sample from someone testing that was signed with an EV cert… so I had to tighten things up a little in WLC ;).

    VS 5.54I beta
    SHA-256: 03c1f22ba2e9d73b96cf6133b4bf9da711bddd73063b7d2ab4859e304ad2c615

    Thank you guys, have a great weekend, and happy new year if I do not talk to you before then!