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    installed 5.54H over 5.54G on win10_vm. seems ok, last WLC scan 0.15s

    I did end up with an issue with 5.54G where it reported “not safe” but no file was listed, then I fully uninstalled G, and when I reinstalled it, it wanted my registration password, which I had somehow lost.  Went to VS server and it sent me a new pw, which worked, then Dan also sent me a pw via email, different than what the server had sent.  my 5.04 running on win7 has its own pw too, but all seem to be working, but not sure how I “manage” all the pw on web management.  I clicked “log into the web management console” from settings, and of course it wants a pw, obviously it’s not picking up the registration pw from VS app.  (should it? is it that same?)  Whatever broke my first installation of G, I forgot to backup the logs before doing a double clean reinstall, so no log trace to send Dan.  But so far +15m H running ok.