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    Hey guys, sorry I have been away the last couple of days.

    Here is the latest version, and here is what I believe is fixed… if anything is still not quite right, just let me know!

    1.  Free Download Manager right click block

    2.  VS Pro not registering properly on startup

    3.  The missing Not Safe items should be all fixed now, but we might encounter yet another small bug that will have to be fixed.  We will not know until we encounter it.

    4.  ConfigureDefender should now be working properly with VS, although this is kind of a tough one because we have a non-native file that runs as admin, utilizing powershell command lines all from the Windows directory ;).  So basically, we have to create a rule that will allow CD, but block anything else that exhibit these behaviors.  It should be working now though, and if you have any problems, you should do a complete clean install with a new whitelist and command line list.

    If possible, you should do a clean install, but if you were not having problems before, installing over the top should be fine.

    VS 5.54H beta
    SHA-256: 9391f87595681e03f37b23f20692b049d303f6e6a11cc2d36291daac6d1d43d5

    Thank you guys!!!

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