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    Dan: Thank you guys… these are probably temp files created by the installer that WLC is classifying as Not Safe.  Then once the scan is performed again, the temp files are deleted by WLC (Temp Cleanup) and also removed from the whitelist.  I assume that is what is going on… it makes the most sense, and I have seen something very similar.  We have several different options to fix this, but I want to think through it a little more for a day or two, and then fix the issue.

    Did several install, uninstall of three separate apps. Here are my observations:

    Install/uninstall without switching VS to Disable/Install Mode seems to cause WLC to flag those process as unsafe.

    When I selected Disable/Install Mode, no Red icon.

    Note that just clicking on Yes box of VS recommended prompt to disable VS seems not sufficient, WLC turn Red after process completed.

    Hope this report is  intelligible.

    PS. Logs sent.

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